The SmartHouse Matrix

At the heart of the projects are the roll out of locally connected SmartHouses in grids using Smart and Sensor Technologies to monitor and adjust conditions more efficiently and independent of Energy monopolies.

The SmartHouse Matrix is locally planned within our communities as cooperative projects. As SmartHouses proliferate and linkup, a Microgrid or Matrix, is automatically formed of renewable energy.

Economies of scale result and more efficient local energy distribution.

The Matrix removes the ‘Control Authority’ of the Energy Utility companies.

Renewable energy provides a high level of energy stabilization.

SmartHouse Matrix rapidly distributes power loads through its mesh, rather than through the energy utility’s predefined distribution points, allowing home owners and communities to better manage their energy assets.



are fitted with non-radiating Smart meters.

A key consideration for norad smart metering is providing an accurate and predictable local cost.

It’s not the same as just sending data back to the big hub in the sky

it’s the fact that you have  control in the other direction as well.


In order to control the other direction,    SmartHouse Matrix transitions lifestyles with ‘Open’ designs based on innovative designs and refinements specific to each home. Eventually this would expand via commons transition to include many more homes and communities.

The SmartHouse Matrix will unlock the potential for SmartHouse homeowners to benefit from deals with Energy Carriers or external power companies. Where, energy exchanges regulate interconnected system demand, and purchase excess energy. Such agreements make it easier for energy utilities to deal with unplanned power spikes and low use new construction.


Homeowners can either buy … or lease SmartHouse Matrix components and each would be managed via Internet of Things, smartphones or SmartHouse website.

According to industry data, Smart house monitoring, tends to reduce power consumption by around 25%.

So, along with creating more energy independence and a flexible power grid for renewable energy, it will also result in lower power bills for consumers and much more convenience.

Those involved in the SmartHouse Matrix Project hope that it will be used as a model for many more communities across the country.

SmartHouse will continue to validate and transition advances to microgrids accordingly while redeploying upgraded components via emerging secondary budget markets.