What is a SmartHouse ?

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A SmartHouse is a house that has Advanced Systems for Adjusting Energy for Lighting, Temperature, Security, Windows and Doors, and many other functions including our Vehicles, Entertainment, Active or Responsive Decor, Pools, Health Monitoring and Telemedicine.


A SmartHouse Appears ‘Intelligent” because it can Sense and Empower many Aspects of Our Daily Living.


LiFi – Smart Lighting Exceeds WiFi in our Homes, Better Enabling Safe and Secure Family Health Monitoring with Ubiquitous, High-speed Networks 100 Times Faster Than Wi-Fi – Wherever There is Illumination. Li-Fi has become a buzzword, and is Revolutionizing IoT.


The Internet of Everything is Enabling People by Expanding Intelligent Capabilities for a more Quantified Self, Available to Perform throughout Our Daily Experiences. We Mingle with Human Intelligence Interfaces – AI Agents like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home (and a host of others), can be expected to complement most of our homes in a very very short time.


Our Refrigerators can Notify us of Bacteria and Food Spoilage, Outdated Inventory, Suggest Menus based on Inventory, Recommend Healthy Alternatives, and Reorder/Reminder for Groceries.


SmartHouse might Control the Water/Nutrient Levels for a small Family Greenhouse or Hydroponic Garden and Lawn (and Mow it!) — even Feed Our Pets and Clean the Litter Box!


The idea of a SmartHouse may sound like something out of Hollywood. A 1999 movie titled ‘Smart House’ presents the comical antics of an American family that wins a “house of the future” with an android maid who causes havoc. Other films show a Sci-Fi vision of smart home technology that seems improbable.


However, SmartHouse Technologies are Real and Friendly to Use. We can Selectively Function from Anywhere with our Families, Home, Friends, Vehicles and Properties.


SmartHouse is Especially Important for Elderly and Disabled Persons Who Wish to Live More Independently.


SmartHouse Improves Our Health and Quality of Life


—Saving Us Money $$

—Bringing New Functionality and Worth to Our Homes and Lives

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